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We are intentional and have a clear commitment to Engaging, Communicating, Developing, Involving and Recognizing our people and we do this through this commitment.

Our culture is defined by our behaviour. So how do we make sure there is a common language in our business around behaviour? The purpose of Heart Styles is to provide that common language, more specifically what is considered effective and ineffective behaviour. This is a character development tool focused on building your self-awareness enabling you to show up as a more consistent contributor and leader. It helps you develop the calm command, grit, courage, and resilience that is required to be effective both in and outside the workplace – grace under pressure!

Growth in our business is key to us, because this is what sets us up to lead with courage. We look forward to you learning more about our common language which allows us to bring our values to life.

Women on the Move

Woman on the Move is a unique programme designed in such a way that takes a number of our high performing ladies through three chapters of Discovery, Exploration and Self-Transformation. Through the journey of Discovery and Exploration, the ladies start to identify and nurture their unique, innate qualities moving into self-transformation accelerating their readiness for leadership roles thus driving a high performance culture.

Ikusasa Lethu Scholarship Program

We believe in the power of education in setting the youth of our country up for a bright future. In line with this, we have designed a scholarship program that will give some of the children of our restaurant teams the chance to access quality and private education and set them on an incredible path for their future. This an opportunity that will fundamentally change the lives of the recipients by levelling their playing field and ensuring they are set up to start on the right footing.

This program is aptly called “Ikusasa Lethu” which is a Zulu phrase for “Our Future” and celebrates the fact that as an organization that is committed to making a difference, we are partnering up with our team members and their families to rewrite their narrative, and create a future that many can only imagine.

The scholarship program has been designed in partnership with the Curro Group of Schools who have 76 campuses across all the 9 provinces in South Africa. Thirty learners who meet the selection criteria from across South Africa are recipients of this scholarship program, and they will remain recipients of the program as long as they meet the minimum criteria annually until they matriculate.

24 months

Solve for Operational Issues

Existing RGM's and ARM's
Hold a Matric Certificate
Required to complete a Post Matric qualification
Accelerated path into ASL roles

24 months

Solve for Operational Issues

Recently graduated (1 year or less)
Longer rotations between different departments
Spend at least 9 months in restaurant

24 months
Deliver value on Strategic Business Issues

Experienced hires
Must hold the relevant post matric qualifications
Accelerated path into management levels